The Unfairness of Posting Smiles When I Am Depressed

Uncustomary Housewife

I posted this photo on a day in mid-November. It wasn’t the day the photo was taken. On this mid-November day I was struggling with depression, but you had no way of knowing. On that day, if you had looked at my social networks, you would have thought; “wow, she is out in the world, smiling and having a great time.”

This photo was actually taken in mid-October. On the day this photo was taken I was at peak happiness. My smile was real and my joy was genuine. However, the same can’t be said for the day I posted this photo a month later…

Here’s my point: what you see online isn’t always a fair representation of someone’s actual life.

There are times when I’ve been drowning in depression, but I’ve posted a happy photo online. There are times when I’ve been riddled with anxiety and crying in the…

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